Named Gift Recipients

2021 Named Gift Honorees

Cherie Sorokin, Amy Anderson, Melanie Chancellor, and Angela Nuckles

2020 Named Gift Honorees

Sharene Chen, Jax Harrison, and Sue Torres

2019 Named Gift Honorees

Mary Mosteller and Heidi Scott


2018 Named Gift Honorees

 Barbara Thomas, Katherine Brinnier, and Dianne Sheridan


2017 Named Gift Honorees

Elaine Marevich and Georgia Schall


2016 Named Gift Honorees

Dottie Burk, Pat Hagar, and Ann Jessup

2015 Named Gift Honorees

Named Gift Honorees

AAUW Marin recognizes the leadership of members who have contributed significantly to the work of the branch by making the branch’s annual AAUW Funds contribution in their name.

AAUW Funds (Formerly Educational Foundation) Named Gift Honorees –Marin Branch
Caroline Livermore 1955
Ada Fusselman 1956
Hazel Baxter 1957
Ruth Jones and Louise Lamb 1958
Sally Gray 1959
Bernice Eastman 1960
Gladys Gearhart and Winifred Lewis 1961
Alice Detwiler and Jean Ecker 1962
Jean Marchant and Claire Wheeler 1963
Alice Cochrane and Mary Ann Oberto 1964
Betty Flanders 1965
Carol Houston and Leona Stovall 1966
Helga Epstein and Candy Friesen 1967
Eileen Enos and Annabelle Sleezer 1968
Dorothy Braman and Billie Kahn 1969
Mary Ann Christensen and Judy Dooling 1970
Margot Shea and Olive George 1971
Jeanette Donovan, Louise Lamb, and Mona Verzi 1972
Linda Knox and Anise Turina 1973
Frances Compton 1974
Elise Meyers and Genevieve Fitzharris 1975
LaVonne Howly and Martha Skinner 1976
Frances Rice and Marguerite Clark 1977
Marilyn Bolinger, Nancy Neill, and Priscilla Phillips 1978
Jan Best and Barbara Jessen 1979
Grace Bergman, Pat Lytel,and Louise Robello 1980
Virginia Pabst and Susan MacKenzie 1981
Charter Members-Research and Project Grant 1982
Frances Conway, Jean Cox-Treverton, and
Nancy Holoman 1983
Dorothy Lowe, Harriett Michael, and Joan Sinna 1984
Olga Larson and Leo Stovall 1985
Robin Sparks, Betty Christensen, Vicki DeMasi,
and Beverly Heinecke 1986
Elsie Carr, Joan Flood, Judy Solle 1987
Beth Grasham and Carol Shellenberger 1988
Nadine Hardin and Joan Hersko 1989
Paula Cornyn and Barbara Barwood 1990
Pat Lytel and Marian Moynihan 1991
Ann Lubamersky 1992
Bonnie Casassa and Mary Ellen Irwin 1993
Cathleen Dorinson 1994
Dolores Skore and Diane Rich 1995
Carole Allen and Terry Ulin 1996
Vicki DeMasi and Ann Thomas 1997
Judy Rodich and Joan Flood 1998
Beth Grasham and Dorothy Kilian 1999
Nancy Greenfield, Georgia Schall, and
Marguerite Clark 2000
Kathy Randles, Ann Thomas, and Anise Turina 2001
Mary Adams and Margaret Wallace 2002/03
Jeanne Lese and Marguerite Couvillion 2004
Mary Mossteller, Gloria Jones, Eleanor Kellogg-Smith,
Marie Stone and Gerrie Young 2005
Lillian Donald, Joyce Erlenbach and Jean Rhodes 2006
Pat Hager, Chris O’Neill, and Marin Branch AAUW 2007
Ann Ocheltree, Mary Mossteller, and Ann Thomas 2008
Dottie Burk and Nancy Van Horn 2009
Vicki DeMasi and Nancy Finston 2010
Cherie Sorokin 2011
Katherine Brinnier, Susan Kemper, Pat Ernsberger 2012
Dale Satake, Jeanne Lese, Linda Noel 2013
Joyce Erlenbach and Ann Thomas 2014
Mary Rawles, Chris O’Neill, Susan Gilardi, and Nancy Lubamersky 2015
Dottie Burk, Pat Hagar, and Ann Jessup 2016
Elaine Marevich and Georgia Schall 2017                                                                                      Barbara Thomas, Katherine Brinnier, and Dianne Sheridan, 2018                                                Mary Mosteller and Heidi Scott, 2019                                                                                                    Sue Torres, Sherene Chen, Jax Harrison 2020




AAUW Funds Named Gift Honorees—Southern Marin Branch

Lettie Evans Elizabeth Yungul
Margaret Grew Marion Harding
Claudia O’Connor Julia Geist
Pat Allen Nancy Verling
Mary Baker Marge Wehnau
Kit Wallace Gwenmar Powell
Doris Jenkins Louis Mounger
Vera Schultz Marie-Rose Browning
Dorothy Thomas Dorothy Cousins
Marjorie Brewster Miki Lang
Jane Cutting Susan Christy
Alice McCabe Gail Connolly
Eloise Burns Maribeth Powell
William Gavin Emily Heller
Trubee Schock Pat Bitner
Flora Praszker Carol Staiger
Fran Howard Marilyn South
Marjorie Lewis Eliana Ponce de Leon
Lillian Donald Charlotte Hamilton
Josette Gavin Nancy Chiu
Allie Hyde Diane Smith
Monica Preisinger Doris Dantes
Linda (Moody) Swanson Dolores Simons
Ruth Bleicher Marianne Figen
Mary Raub Pat Ernsberger
Fran Leonard Dorothy Killion
Jean Barnard Florence Garvie
Sue-Dee Stephens